Shelley three piece Boo Boo nursery teaset designed by Mabel Lucie Attwell

shelleybooboonurserysetEvery Mabel Lucie Attwell collector and fan would like to own this Shelley Boo Boo nursery set. Well all the ones that know it exists.

The set was produced by Shelley in the 1920s and consists of: a teapot modelled as a toadstool house with green doors and windows; a sugar bowl in toadstool form; and a Boo Boo milk jug modelled as a green pixie.

Pictured  is a Shelley three piece nursery teaset designed by Mabel Lucie Attwell that was sold by Bonhams in December 2008 for £324. Image copyright Bonhams.

The price for the set has increased in the last few years against a trend decreasing prices for many other ceramics. A set of three pieces in perfect condition has a value of between £400 and £500.

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